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Heather Cleary

Digital Projects and Metadata Librarian

Q: Where can I find reputable sources?

Check out the Capstone Research Guide. It has links to the Library’s subscription databases as well as information on how to evaluate any web site. Do not rely upon one source. Use a variety of sources – including type (e.g., articles, web sites, videos, books, and academic essays), audiences (e.g., general public, academic, professional) that represent different points of view.

Q: How do I properly cite my sources?

Many of the Library’s databases have built-in citation tools, which make it easy to copy and paste into your notes. For more help, the MLA Citation Guide contains guidelines and examples for a variety of items, from books to YouTube comments. Put the items in your Works Cited page in alphabetical order. Lastly, remember to write at least 4 evaluative annotations.

Q: How do I set up a timeline for my capstone?

Keep a record of your sources while you do the research. Add a summary so that you won’t have to try and remember the content when you are writing the paper. Use the Annotation Builder to draft the evaluative annotations. If you are struggling with the research or annotations, please see Sue or me to help you get back on track. Write your annotations while you are writing the paper; do not put them off until the last minute.

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