First-year experience program

Otis College's FYE Program - Take FLIGHT - focuses on helping new students succeed academically and personally. Students will find support to thrive academically, engage positively with their peers, and create a healthy mindset in order to be their best creative selves by participating in the program's six sessions.

Time & Project Management

This is a two-part session that must be completed in its entirely in order to receive credit for completion of this session. Students must:

  1. Go to this link to attend one of the 45-minute workshops being offered in Fall and Spring. Be sure to navigate to the following dates on the calendar to sign up for a workshop.

  2. Complete a Directed Learning Activity (DLA) to be submitted to the Student Learning Center or engage in an educational board game--more instructions given at the workshop!

Students will not get credit for this if they do not complete a DLA or board game

Workshop dates: November 8-10 and 15-17 Student Learning Center in Otis Library (students must sign up online)